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Things to Watch in an Orchestra Concert

I went to my first concert when I was five years old. Since then, I’ve spent many hours observing various orchestras and getting to know orchestral musicians, and some visual characteristics catch my attention over and over again. Most of the time, I notice these when I’m watching as an audience member – when I’m (read more…)

How to Pass Time Alone in a Hotel Room

It isn’t uncommon for me to be asked, “Don’t you get bored spending so much time in hotels? How do you pass the time? Isn’t it lonely?” I don’t often have time to answer those questions thoroughly, which is why this small document exists. To address the first question: No, I never get bored. Well, (read more…)

Exercise Ideas for Non-Gym-Rats or Frequent Travelers

We all have our moments of laziness. Through trial and error, I’ve found these exercises to be convenient and effective when one is short on time or motivation. Give them a whirl and see what you think! Pew swinging: 
If you ever find yourself in an entirely empty church, or in a very informal church (read more…)

What to Do with an Instrument You’re No Longer Using

Hang it on a wall. Sell it on eBay. Leave it in a case under your bed. Lend it to a family member, neighbor, friend, or child of any of the above who is thinking of taking lessons. Expect it to return with some wear and tear. Take it to a shop and invest some (read more…)

What to Do with Your Instrument When You’re Bored

Dress up your instrument or its case (carefully). Take it to a Halloween party. Get pet costumes for it. Heck, sew instrument-shaped clothes! Just be sure not to break it, scratch it, drop it, poke it, or block any of the sound holes if you’re going to be playing on it while it’s disguised. And, (read more…)

Games for the Road

I’ve written about passing the time in a hotel room and exercising without entering a gym. Here’s a combination of the two, but I think this merits its own category: Games for the Road. These aren’t all games in the traditional sense, but they do serve the purpose of keeping yourself entertained when you’re on (read more…)

Slow Practice for String Players

At a recent Q&A session with kids and their parents, someone piped up, “My son likes to play through his pieces instead of practicing them. His violin teacher says that he should practice slowly. What does this mean?” As anyone who has taken private lessons is probably aware, one practice technique encouraged by teachers is (read more…)