Transcripts of my interviews of colleagues, dating back to my first attempt at interviewing. For video interviews, visit my YouTube channel.

Hilary interviews conductor Eiji Oue

Q: Is chocolate a drug? A: Yes. Q: Pets? A: I love them. I don’t like snakes as pets, but I love most animals people keep as pets. I don’t have any myself, because I travel so much. I did grow up with two dogs – two Pekingese. Q: What about Bach? A: Bach is (read more…)

Hilary interviews pianist Natalie Zhu

Q: Is chocolate a drug?A: No, it’s a habit. Q: Pets?A: I love dogs the most; they’re so loyal. I think I must have been a cat in a previous life, because I meow realistically – and when I do, cats run to me and seem to understand what I’m saying. Once, I had to (read more…)

2004 interview with conductor Grant Cooper

This September 2004 interview, with West Virginia Symphony conductor Grant Cooper, differs slightly from my previous ones: I customized part of it. I did not, however, neglect to present Grant with some standard opinion topics at the end of this conversation. It’s fun to read interviewees’ responses to those… Hilary Hahn: What drew you to (read more…)

Hilary interviews Christian Gansch, guest conductor of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for her May 2004 tour in that country

Q: Is chocolate a drug? A: Yes. Q: Pets? A: I love them. Not so much dogs, but especially cats. They have an independent approach yet on the other hand, they show you that they like tenderness. Q: What about Bach? A: For classical music, Bach is as basic as Plato and Aristotle are for (read more…)

Hilary questions conductor Bramwell Tovey

Q: Is chocolate a drug? A: I pretend no, but then must have another piece – it’s addictive. Whether that technically makes it a drug I’m not qualified to say. Q: Pets? A: My two small girls (3 and 5) lost their cat on Christmas Eve last year because of a careless driver rushing to (read more…)