Welcome to my postcards project! I started this series fifteen years (half of my life) ago, as a snail mail project with a class of third-graders. Here, on my site, you don't need to wait for the postman, and the photos are my own.

Montreal, Canada

6 April 2012 Dear Readers, There can be a lot of bureaucracy traveling between countries. Going to and from Canada is pretty straightforward, though there was a form to fill out on the plane (see my airplane neighbor, a Swedish-born teenager, in action in this photo) and I stood in line at immigration, during what (read more…)

Montreal, Canada

5 April 2012 Dear Readers, This will be more like a letter than a postcard. A while ago, I hit some photography roadblocks, and my down time was getting entirely consumed by new-record production, computer issues, general off-the-road busy-ness and tour prep, and other forms of communication (YouTube interviews, article authoring, and snail-mail postcard writing). (read more…)

Paris, France

Dear Readers, It was so hard to pack today. In the past, a few years ago, I didn’t mind packing, but now it has gotten to the point where I can’t focus when I’m trying to gather my things and I feel sad and can’t get out the door. I almost missed my first flight. (read more…)

Madison, WI

Dear Readers, To set the record straight: This is not a blog. This is, in fact, a non-blog. Anyways… I am up in a plane. Surprise! This time I have earplugs and am on my way out from Wisconsin. I had a little trouble this morning remembering where I was. I love Madison and have (read more…)

New York, NY

February 16, 2011 Dear Readers, I am up in a plane without my earplugs again, my head wrapped in a scarf to block the sun streaming from the window in the aisle ahead. The pianist Simone Dinnerstein is a few rows back, studying a score. She introduced herself in the airport in New York an (read more…)

Leipzig, Germany

January 21, 2011 Dear Readers, There is nothing like the feeling that your heart is going to pound its way out of your dress while you are playing the violin onstage in front of thousands of people. It is rather exhilarating. This happened to me the past two nights. A couple of times each night, (read more…)

Paris, France

January 15, 2011 Dear Readers, As I leave Paris for Leipzig, I am in a small plane with a view of a peach-and-rose sunset. This week has not felt like winter. The weather has been more like early spring. But one thing that reminded me that this is January was the sales (“Les Soldes”). All (read more…)

Lyon, France/Lucerne, Switzerland

January 10, 2011 Dear Readers, Happy 2011! I am in a train from Basel. The dusky view out the window is greying with fog, and I am tired. Yesterday I had two concerts in Lucerne with the orchestra from Lyon and maestro Leonard Slatkin. Afterwards we were treated to a wonderful gourmet dinner at the (read more…)

Portland, OR

Dear Readers, I have just left Portland, Oregon, after a marathon week. It started with my Vegas concert last Thursday, continuing to Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday concerts. On top of that, on Sunday morning I played an informal spur-of-the-moment fundraiser for the organization Mercy Corps, which is based in Portland. Last night, the Oregon (read more…)

Las Vegas, NV

Dear Readers, Greetings from Las Vegas, where fortunes are made and lost and classical music sometimes finds its way into the calendar. I was here this week to work with the orchestra of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The audience was very enthusiastic and the students magnified that energy, giving our performance of the (read more…)

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Readers, On my flight to Salt Lake City a few days ago, I was seated next to a sweet old woman. She would turn to me every so often with a beatific smile to ask a question in Spanish or to offer a cookie or a cracker or her spare snack napkin. Towards the (read more…)

Lanaudiere, Quebec

Dear Readers, Happy August! I am flying out of Montreal on my way from the Lanaudiere Festival in Quebec. It is an open-air amphitheater-style venue, very much like – for those of you in the Cleveland area (hello Encore students!) – the Blossom festival but smaller. There is a covered audience seating area and a (read more…)

London, England

Dear Readers, I am currently in a swanky lounge in Heathrow airport. I am leaving London. My face is all sorts of shiny colors because I just spent half an hour painting various products onto it in the Duty Free mall. I was particularly enthusiastic with the bronzers. Even the back of my left hand (read more…)

Tokyo, Japan

Dear Readers, Konbanwa! I’m on the train on my way from a concert in Nagoya back to Tokyo, where I depart this country tomorrow evening. As you can gather, this was the last concert of a tour. The tour, specifically, was with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Esa-Pekka Salonen, and we played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto, (read more…)

Dallas, TX

Dear Readers, Dallas is a city of buildings, museums, and parks. This week, I was out and about enough to get my first sun of the summer, which I had to cover up a little bit before walking onstage in my red strapless dress. Time to hit the sunscreen. Artistically, this Dallas week was amazing. (read more…)