Questions I am frequently asked - and I am asked a lot of questions!


1. What career do you think you would be in if you weren’t a musician?
 Pick one: anthropologist, archaeologist, visual artist, teacher, writer, woodworker, photographer, metal artist, astronaut, personal assistant, editor, interior designer, social worker, or veterinarian. Or maybe I’d try my hand at subsistence living. Of course, if I hadn’t pursued music, I may (read more…)


1. How many hours a day do you practice? That depends on my daily schedule, how much energy I have, and what is coming up for me. Of course, if I have to learn a lot of new pieces, that adds a couple of extra hours of practice a day. If I’m on a very (read more…)


1. Who are your favorite classical composers? But also, who are your favorite bands (rock, pop, country, whatever genre you listen to)? I don’t tend to have favorites. Whenever something jumps out at me as particularly fantastic, I turn around and discover something else that is just as interesting. If I tried to pick just (read more…)

Touring Life

1. Would you describe your daily routine – do you have any free days ever and when do you give yourself free time – and what do tours look like during intensive concert seasons? I do have free days, in theory. On the other hand, I enjoy living with constant challenges combined with a minimum (read more…)

Other Projects

1. I found your website to be the most “public”-accessible of any musician I have ever seen. Can you tell me why it is so important to you to have this kind of contact with your fans? What made you decide to highlight, in particular, the fan art? Do you think it helps people feel (read more…)

Career Path

1. What was your first musical experience in childhood?Recordings and radio were always playing in the house, and my father sang in choirs when I was little, so I was around music before I thought anything of it. My first documented encounter was when I was 2 or 3, sitting side by side on a (read more…)


1. What would you say to someone who had never gone to one of your performances and asked what it was like? Bear in mind, I can’t really answer this question because I myself have never “gone to” one of my own performances. I used to usher at a chamber music series and often overheard (read more…)


1. You have been awarded with Grammy two times and nominated four times. What does it actually mean to get the Grammy in the world of classical music these days? It is super exciting to win something as high-profile as a Grammy award; it helps a performer to realize that his or her work is (read more…)